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Cross Docking

Matrix Transportation Cross Docking Services

“Cross docking” is a logistics and supply chain management system where products from a supplier, typically large shipments such as pallets, are delivered to a distribution center or warehouse where they are sorted and re-routed to outbound transportation for delivery to the final destination. 


Instead of putting products into storage, they are immediately transferred from inbound trucks to outbound trucks, reducing the time and effort required for warehousing or order fulfillment. Cross docking is often used in industries where fresh, perishable or time-sensitive goods need to be transported quickly.


The Benefits of Cross Docking Warehousing

With a highly efficient, organized, and logistically advanced cross docking system, Matrix Transportation provides its clients with several advantages:


  1. Reduced Inventory Costs: By transferring products directly from inbound to outbound transportation, businesses can reduce their inventory costs since they don't need to store products for an extended period.

  2. Faster Delivery Times: Cross docking can reduce the time needed to get products to their final destination, resulting in faster delivery times, and leading to increased customer satisfaction.

  3. Improved Supply Chain Efficiency: Cross docking can streamline the entire supply chain by reducing handling time, eliminating the need for storage, and improving order fulfillment times.

  4. Reduced Labor Costs: Since there is no need for warehousing and the related labor costs, cross docking helps to reduce labor costs.

  5. Reduced Transportation Costs: Cross docking can decrease transportation costs such as fuel, mileage, and maintenance costs since it reduces transportation time and distance required.

  6. Improved Product Freshness: Cross docking can help businesses ensure product freshness by reducing the time products stay in storage, leading to less spoilage and waste.


The Matrix Difference

In addition to cost savings, speed/accurate transportation, and the highest level of quality service, customers turn to Matrix Transportation because of our integrated approach to supply chain management. 

Since our fleet enhances cross docking with JIT truckload, Final Mile, Same-Day Expedited, and Intermodal transportation services, customers can rest assured that they have an experienced, powerful partner taking care of all their supply chain needs.

Let Matrix Transportation handle your products and freight! Contact us today!

Matrix Transportation Cross Docking Warhouse
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