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Providing a comprehensive package for your logistic needs. 


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Dedicated Truckload

The team at Matrix Transportation is committed to bringing the benefits of a private fleet to its customers without the headaches. We provide resources exclusive to your business, thus ensuring the capacity you require. We customize our dedicated trucking solutions to meet your demands, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

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Same Day Expedited

We provide competitive rates with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! If your business is looking for a one-time delivery or a long term logistics partner look no further than the transportation services only Matrix can provide. Our expedited logistics experts understand that your business has its own distinct transport needs and will work with you to develop logistic services that are unique to your business.



Our e-commerce shipping team encompasses all services required to transport products purchased online from a retailer to the customer’s delivery destination. With our team, your e-commerce shipping can be manageable, affordable, and fast. We work with major retailers across the midwest to ensure their brick-and-mortar stores are handling all their online orders.

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Final Mile

The freight shipping experts at Matrix combine a number of LTL shipments until the truck is at capacity. This mode of freight transport allows businesses to save money transporting freight that doesn’t fill an entire truck. There are substantial savings to businesses that are shipping smaller loads of freight using LTL logistics verse shipping the same shipment in an empty truck.


JIT Truckload

As freight carriers, Matrix offers just in time (JIT) truckload services. Just in time logistic services help to lower business costs and control inventory. Companies utilizing just in time transport services ensure shipments arrive where they are needed which helps to reduce storage and inventory costs. Freight carrier’s ship parts in a manner that allow them to be distributed minutes before they are needed. JIT methods of transportation are critical for shipments that are sequenced and costly to store.

Over The Road

Our OTR team are some of the best in hauling freight for our clients over long distances and across state lines. Our focused efforts across the automotive belt allow us to bring our clients top-notch services at a competitive price. Our customers are a top priority when providing long-haul services to allow for quick turnarounds and timely deliveries. 

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Matrix Transportation offers warehousing solutions for both long and short term storage. Conveniently located near Detroit Metro Airport and the Greater Grand Rapids area we have over 120,000 square feet of short & long term warehousing. Storage options spread out all over Michigan to meet your businesses needs!


Inventory Management
EDI Capable
Bank Bulk
Trailer Rental


Intermodal Trucking

Matrix Transportation is leading the way in intermodal freight transport using multiple modes of transportation including rail, ship, and truck. We specialize in intermodal drayage services that create seamless transport of containers from a port to your destination including rail ramps, warehouses, and more. Our fleet is equipped with the latest technology in intermodal trucking including real-time tracking so that clients can always have an eye on where their freight is at any time.

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Trailer Rental

Matrix Transportation offers a number of logistic solutions to growing businesses throughout the Midwest including trailer rental.  Whether you are looking for a short or long-term trailer rental Matrix Transportation has a solution for your business.


Cross Docking

Matrix Transportation provides  cross docking capabilities to meet all of your business’s logistic needs. Matrix also provides long-term cross docking contracts to customers who do not want to deal with the hassle of scheduling delivery and/or pickup. 

Matrix transportation is a safety-first organization. Along with our partners we are committed to providing a safety first culture throughout our entire organization. Safety is our primary concern and the most important factor in the freight services we provide for our customers. Our trucking fleet is always 100% road ready and upgraded on a quarterly basis.


  • Matrix Transportation is a full supporter of the CSA Safety Measurement system and continuously takes action to exceed the standards on a daily basis.

  • At Matrix, our customers have a full transparent view of their freight shipments from pickup to drop off utilizing state of the art logistics technology.

  • ALL cargo insured at a minimum of $250,000. *Additional insurance available upon request.

  • ALL units are equipped with satellite tracking and transparent load delivery services.

  • ALL loads, no matter the size, are tracked through Samsara & MacroPoint to ensure a visibly transparent transit to and from each customer.

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