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Intermodal Trucking

Intermodal Trucking Services

Intermodal trucking is a form of transportation that combines different modes of transport, such as rail and road. Often paired with JIT transportation capabilities, this type of transport allows for cost-effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging existing infrastructure to move goods from point A to point B quickly. 


The Main Benefits of Using Matrix Intermodal Trucking Services


  1. Greater Flexibility: Companies are able to respond much faster to changing market conditions since they can quickly adjust their operations with the use of different modes of transport.

  2. Cost-Savings: The combination of different transportation modes allows companies to take advantage of existing transportation infrastructure while reducing costs associated with road transport, fuel use, and labor.

  3. Environmental Impact: Intermodal transport can reduce congestion on the roads,  helping to reduce carbon emissions.


The Matrix Difference

As a fully integrated transportation company, one of the biggest advantages Matrix is able to provide its customers with is consolidating all of their supply chain logistical and transportation needs in one place. Our intermodal transportation services are enhanced by robust cross docking, final mile, and just-in-time truckload capabilities that remove the need for costly and time-consuming middlemen. 


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